Minneapolis made to "Respect their Authoritah"…?

by on Aug.31, 2008, under General Info


You know, this is the reason I’m a self-proclaimed “Apathetic” Party member.
I mean, maybe they were planning something, but seriously…
Vegan groups? Do you mean those nose-pierced, beetle-driving, patchouli-smelling, pot-smoking, shower-needing slackers who serve your lunch at Au Bon Pain everyday? Really?
I sincerely doubt it. Chances are, if you’re too stoned to remember to shower, you’ll be too busy playing the XBox to remember to leave for the “rally”.

Anyway, to all of you with political signs on your lawns…
You sadden me.
It should *never* be “us” against “them”.
For all of our differences, they are “us”, too.


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