this just occurred to me… (maybe i'm slow…)

by on Apr.18, 2007, under Amusement

I had this strange realization at work today, and haven’t ever read anything regarding it elsewhere. so if this is old news, sorry.

First, the commonly used terms such as “newbie”, “clueless”, and even “elite” are meant with no offense intended, and are used simply to illuminate a point and explain.

Today, I noticed some differences between types of computer users. I mean, differences between the “clueless” and the “elite”. Now, let me first say that I hold no particularly _bad_ feelings toward the more “clueless” type of user, but I must admit they sometimes can be frustrating to deal with. In any case, that’s not what this is about.

What I noticed was differences in the expectations of the computer between “newbie” users versus someone capable of compiling and installing a kernel and building a custom release. (“elite”, or, close enough for this discussion…)

A “newbie” user seems to wait for the computer to “perform, produce, and entertain”. Sort of a new-fangled television. An “iGod”, if you will. (“iGod” trademark pending. ;) ) {JK, Mr.Jobs… pleasedon’tsueme…}

An “elite” user seems to treat the computer as a tool with which to work, or accomplish some task.

So right now, you’re thinking “uhhhmm.. yeah… of course… dumbass…” Elite users know more about operating their computer, and so don’t need to wait, or fumble around looking for ways to make things happen. They already know how to do it. The difference I’m speaking of here, is how “elite” users came to be in that position. It seems to me that the users that are perpetually “clueless” are the ones that haven’t ever learned to use a search engine. Or don’t ever attempt it at all. Sometimes, they don’t even grasp the concept.

So, to really learn something about searching, check out this site I’ve learned from regarding search technology. (among other things) It’s called Fravia’s Search Lore. You can find it here ->

Fravia, I hope you don’t mind the link. It’s just too useful to keep it to myself. But, I suppose if you did mind, there wouldn’t be anything *I* could do about it, anyway. :-) Feel free to take it down if it offends.


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