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by on May.04, 2008, under Networking

Thanks to Robert, this post is now new and improved! We’ve got Emulex NetQue03 manuals!

1. The NetQue Command Reference
2. The NetQue User Manual
3. The NetQue Windows NT Installation Guide

ALSO- It appears that we happen to have a perfectly functional Emulex NetQue03 Print Server for sale. If you need one, let me know, and I’ll put you in touch with the owner.

I had to change the default gateway on an Emulex NetQue NQ03 print server last Friday. Thankfully, the default root password was still in place. After logging in via telnet, I realised that I had no idea how to change it. I threw a few *NIX commands at it, and it responded either: Invalid command or Ambiguous command. (or something to that effect..) I’m not sure what OS this thing runs, but it didn’t like *anything* I threw at it.  As I am not one to leave a piece of equipment malfunctioning, I *had* to figure this one out.

In any case, here’s what I now know. There is not a manual for this device to be found anywhere online. Emulex doesn’t even *mention* this device on their site in the “legacy products” section.  So, log in via telnet. If you’re lucky, the default user account is username ‘admin’ with a blank password. You’ll get to a single shell prompt. (looks like this: >  ) Then, to enter priveleged mode, type ‘su’, and hit enter. The default root password for the NQ03 is ‘system’. If you are successful, you’ll see a double shell prompt. (looks like this: >>  )

The commands you need to change the default gateway are here:

Enter Username: admin

Enter Password:  <enter>

> su

Enter Password: system  <enter>

>> change node IP 111.222.333.444 gateway default  <enter>

>> sync  <enter>

>> sync <enter>

>> init delay 0  <enter>

This will drop your connection and reboot the device immediately. When it comes back, you can log in and issue the ‘show config’ command to verify that the gateway was successfully changed.

NOTE: Emulex has END-OF-LIFED all printer servers (NETJet, NETQue, NETQue Mate, NETQue Pocket, NETQue Pro2, NETQue Token), terminal/communications servers (P2500 series, P3000, P4000, P6000, P8000), remote access servers (ConnectPlus LT and Pro), and WAN adapters (XP, MPC, and DCP series) in the year 2000. No further software nor hardware updates will be provided. Manufacturing has ceased on these products. No new models will replace these products. Support and repair will remain available as a best effort. Emulex is focusing exclusively on Fibre Channel and Network Attached Storage (NAS) connectivity.


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  • Robert

    Brian, I have an Emulex NetQue NQ03 and was having the same problems you mentioned in your thread concerning lack of information. Have you been able to come across anything yet? I did find a couple of PDF’s with some information. One appears to be a COMPLETE 51 page documentation of the Telnet access command language. Let me know if you’d like a copy. Take care, Robert.

  • brian

    Hi Robert,

    Is this for TACL in general, or specifically for the NQ03? If it’s specifically for the NQ03, please mail a link to brian@



  • Robert

    Brian, Your email address was cut off after ‘brian@’ so I can’t communicate. (maybe stripped by this site?) I actually found another manual in PDF format after I left the post on this forum. The first manual details the Telnet interface and is titled “Printer Server Command Reference Guide Version 5.0” (51 pages) and the other is more of a general user guide for the NetQue. The title is “NetQue Multiprotocol Printer Server User’s Guide.” It is 160 pages! If we can establish an email connection, I’d be glad to forward them to you. – Robert

  • Brian

    Hi Robert,

    I run this site. brian@ was just a way to not have my entire address listed. The domain part is cryptednets.org



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