Happy Birthday, Internet!

by on Mar.12, 2014, under Amusement, Networking

On this day in 1989, British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee presented to CERN management a proposal for a “universal linked information system” called Mesh, meant to help staff at the Swiss research center coordinate their work. Today, what we now know as the World Wide Web turns 25. Berners-Lee gave several interviews for the occasion. Looking back on his creation, he told CNet he’s glad the Web has developed as a “non-national” entity but deplores that most people on the Web still stick to their own cultures and their own ways, using the technology to reinforce their biases rather than open their world:

“I’d like it if developers on the Web could tackle the question of how to make Web sites that actually make us more friendly to people we don’t know so well,” he said.

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ATARI 2600 Forever!!

by on Dec.27, 2013, under Amusement, Computer Stuff

I’m almost *giggling* while I post this..
THANK YOU, Archive!!

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My favorite online radio station

by on Mar.09, 2011, under Amusement

It’s actually
Chipotle Radio. It plays a stream of *supposedly* what’s playing in all the restaurants in real time. I haven’t tried to listen on my phone while in there, but the interface is retro and cool, and the music is a great, eclectic mix that’s easy to work to. Check it out here.

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Who's got the fastest bandwidth in your neighborhood?

by on Feb.17, 2011, under Amusement, Networking

Find out with The National Broadband Map

“I can see the fiber, I just can’t get them to bring it here…” ;)

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*kick-ass* personal streaming media server

by on Jul.15, 2010, under Amusement, Computer Stuff, Linux

I just installed Ampache on Ubuntu-10.04 LTS. All I can say is WOW. You need this… Right now…
I’ve got an mp3 archive somewhere in the neighborhood of 135GB, making it too large for traditional file sharing.
Ampache is the answer.

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Still funny after all this time…

by on Jun.17, 2010, under Amusement

Ever read any Bastard Operator from Hell?

It has made me smile many times. Feel like throwing your orange Swingline at that pathetic, useless, clueless luser that just caused you to work *all weekend* restoring things from tape?

Next time a luser *insists* you drop what you’re doing to help them print a Word document, ask yourself, what would the BOFH do?

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Pandora Radio ROCKS!!

by on Jul.14, 2009, under Amusement

My friend Will turned me on to Pandora Radio. It’s direct access to the Music Genome Project, and plays a constantly adjusted stream of music that you like. You can even combine artists to create a custom play list that is constantly updated. I’m starting to wonder why I keep 150gb of MP3’s taking up drive space…
Check it out here:
Pandora Radio

Thanks, Will!

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Antivirus on Linux

by on Feb.26, 2009, under Amusement, Linux

antivirus on linux is like lipstick on a pig… sure, you can put it there, but it’s a waste of time, and it annoys the pig…

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Reactions to a phishing attempt…

by on Jan.07, 2009, under Amusement

I received this letter via email. (even making it through Message Labs’ mail filters…) Impressive that they can understand mail filtering well enough to get these messages through, but they can’t get a mail server admin job? Anyway, all links in this message point to one of my favorite scambaiting sites on the Internet, Check it out, it’s hilarious! You guys rule!! Keep fighting the good fight!

Dear Friend, (you wish)

I am Dr.Khalid Hachana from Bahrain. (Sure you are.)

I have been diagnosed with Oesophageal cancer. It has defiled all forms of medical treatment, and right now I have only a few weeks or months to live. (That’s terrible!)

I am very rich, but was never generous; I have given most of my assets to my immediate family members. (As would I, or any of us)

However, I have decided to give alms to charity organizations. I cannot do this by myself anymore because of my ill health. (Bullshit. Even if I had terminal cancer, I could make a phone call to my lawyer much easier than spamming millions of unknown people on the Internet. You’re rich, you just said so. Whip out your iPhone and send your attorney some video email with your requests. Bahrain isn’t exactly lacking in infrastructure… Stop bugging me, I’m trying to *earn* _my_ living…)
I once asked members of my family to give some money to charity organizations, but they refused and kept the money for themselves. (Now, he’s asking for your alliance with him against his “evil” family… Probably the kind of guy that gives *tons* to charity… Sure. He’d vote you out on “Survivor” the first chance he got. And it would probably be a “blind-side”, too.)

I have a huge cash investment of $ Million dollars) with a finance house abroad. I will want you to help me collect this invested sum and dispatch it to charity organizations around the world. You will take out 10% of this fund for your assistance. If you think you can help me achieve my last wish before I die, please reply only through my private email addresses; or (the hook. 18 million dollar$!!! I can haz moneys??)
You can send me your full names, address, telephone and fax numbers, date of birth and occupation. Once I receive your complete personal details, I will forward them to my attorney, barrister Romain Coleman. (Couldn’t you have just phoned/emailed him your request to liquidate your accounts to charitable organizations? I’m pretty sure that I could do that…)
I will present you to him as my next of kin and he will contact you to give you detailed instructions of what you have to do to receive the funds on my behalf. (Ummm…. Isn’t identity theft a crime?? I’m not going to commit a crime to help you, dude.. I don’t even know you..)

I will be waiting for your immediate response. (hold your breath whilst you wait, will you?)
Regards and bye!

Dr.Khalid Hachana.
HELP ACCOMPLISH MY LAST WISH. (Was your last wish to be driving a Hummer around in the slums where you probably live? If that’s the case, then I say no. Good day, sir… And good luck with the dying from cancer thing…)

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