Microsoft implementing subscription-based services

by on Dec.27, 2008, under Windows Info

You know, some of you out there in the ether may get the idea that I don’t like Microsoft. If you get that feeling, I can understand why. But, you’re wrong. I have a great respect for them, and their software. It has often been known to be insecure, incomplete, ineffective, and annoying. That being said, consider the start. A group of slacker nerds dropped out of college, lived, slept, ate, and breathed code just because they wanted to, and sold their {not entirely finished/owned/understood} OS to a rather large computer manufacturer with *NO FRIGGING* possibility of knowing if they could pull it off. But, they did. And they succeeded. And their OS and software runs on millions more machines than the OS you and I wrote. For that, I really admire Microsoft. They just did it. Did you?

So, this news of subscription-based access to their OS and software is extremely interesting to me. All I’ll say about it is that my admiration for Microsoft would grow logarithmically should they decide to implement a program rewarding an exemplary GPA for students paying their subscription fees. A straight-up 4.0 GPA student should enjoy all of their services for free.
Maybe they should receive an all-expenses paid trip through UC Berkeley for their CS degree. Microsoft possesses the ability to make an important difference here. I believe that educating our children better benefits not only us, but the entire world.

United States Patent Application: 0080319910.


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