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Setting a PTR record at Comcast

by on Jul.01, 2014, under Networking

To setup a reverse DNS record for a Comcast IP address, please contact the Enterprise Care Center (ECC) at 1-800-741-4141 (option 2, and then option 1).

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Using your DNS server as a spyware detector

by on Mar.07, 2009, under Networking, Windows Info

Recently, I needed to determine which local LAN hosts were infected with spyware on a network of Windows XP computers. This network is a single Active Directory Forest, with a single ‘domain.local’ domain name.
In the absence of any anti-spyware management tools, I decided to use the DNS server on the domain controller to help me determine which workstations were infected.

First, I changed the outbound forwarder servers to use OpenDNS. OpenDNS is a free recursive DNS service that you can use to resolve all DNS queries on the Internet safely. The reason for this is that the OpenDNS servers will re-direct your infected machine’s traffic away from known botnets and known distribution points for spyware to their own, essentially cutting off an infected workstation’s access from known “bad guys”.

Usually, when I implement the OpenDNS service on a LAN, I notice an *INSTANT* improvement in available bandwidth.. Try it for yourself. More info here: www.opendns.org

Next, you need to clear the cache on your DNS server. To do this, open DNS Management in your MMC, right-click the server, and click “Clear cache”. Now, click “View”, and “Advanced” in the MMC’s menu, and you can now view the cache.
Right-click the server again, and click “Properties”.
On the “Logging” tab, turn on “Debug Logging”, note or set the location of the log to be written.
Now, right-click the server, and click “All Tasks” -> “Restart” to restart the DNS service.
Since most spyware infected hosts need to phone home on a regular basis, you can now just watch the cache for incriminating lookups, and read the DNS debug log for the IP address of the offending hosts.
Anyway, it worked for me, and I was able to identify the 3 hosts on the LAN that had spyware infections, in about 10 mins… (without staring at a protocol analyzer…)

Note: Do not forget to turn the DNS debug logging off again when you are finished. This logfile will grow *very* quickly, and become difficult to open or manage within hours on a busy LAN.

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