This *flat-out* cracked me up… :)

by on Sep.24, 2005, under Amusement, OpenBSD

Taken directly from the OpenBSD FAQ

The standard OpenBSD kernel configuration (GENERIC) is designed to be suitable for most people. More people have broken their system by trying to tweak their kernel than have improved system operation. There are some people that believe that you must customize your kernel and system for optimum performance, but this is not true for OpenBSD. Only the most advanced and knowledgeable users with the most demanding applications need to worry about a customized kernel or system.

Some reasons you might want or need to build a custom kernel:

  • You really know what you are doing, and want to shoe-horn OpenBSD onto a computer with a small amount of RAM by removing device drivers you don’t need.
  • You really know what you are doing, and wish to remove default options or add options which may not have been enabled by default (and have good reason to do so).
  • You really know what you are doing, and wish to enable experimental options.
  • You really know what you are doing, and have a special need that is not met by GENERIC, and aren’t going to ask why it doesn’t work if something goes wrong.

    Some reasons why you should not build a custom kernel:
    You do not need to, normally.
    You will not get a faster system.
    You are likely to make a less reliable machine.
    You will not get any support from developers.
    You will be expected to reproduce any problem with a GENERIC kernel before developers take any problem report seriously.
    Users and developers will laugh at you when you break your system.
    Custom compiler options usually do a better job of exposing compiler problems than improving system performance

  • Nice bit of writing, guys. Keep up the good work! (and thanks for the help)


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