Useful boot utilities

by on Sep.01, 2008, under Windows Info

To copy a floppy boot image to a USB drive,

use BootDisk2BootStick:
Just select the source floppy drive, (sorry, no floppy image selection is possible) destination, (USB flash drive) and click “Start”.

[ Download BootDisk2BootStick ]

– Extract boot image from CD/DVD or ISO image:

use BBIE by Bart Lagerweij
Extract CD/DVD boot image using BBIE: “bbie D:” without the quotes and assuming D: is your CD/DVD drive.

[ Download BBIE ]

– Write the extracted boot image from CD/DVD to USB flash drive

using MKBT by Bart Lagerweij
Command to write boot image file to USB flash drive is “MKBT -x image1.bin e:” without the quotes. image1.bin is the filename of the boot

image and e: is the drive letter of your USB flash drive.

[ Download MKBT ]

– Extracting a boot image from an ISO file and writing it to a USB drive.

Use BBIE to extract the boot image from the ISO: “bbie filename.iso“.
Then, write the boot image to a USB drive using MKBT: “mkbt -x image1.bin e:”

Need to mount an ISO file

to copy the contents or install something?
Use MagicISO, and it will show up as another CD/DVD drive on your system.

[ Download MagicISO ]

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  • mpeterson

    I’ve been meaning to get a bootable Ubuntu flash drive set up for a while now, just haven’t got around to it. I’ll have to give it a try using MKBT.

    For mounting ISO images, give DAEMON Tools a look. It’s freeware and, IMO, better than MagicISO.

  • Brian

    Hey Matt-

    All you need to create a bootable USB Ubuntu installer is syslinux. Download the latest version, and copy the syslinux.exe to your PATH. (C:Windows) Then, with the USB Flash plugged in, open a command prompt and type ‘syslinux F:’ (no quotes, and F: is your USB Flash) Then, mount the Ubuntu ISO, and copy the contents to the USB Flash. Next, rename the ISOLINUX folder to SYSLINUX, and cd to SYSLINUX.
    Rename the isolinux.cfg to syslinux.cfg, copy it to the root of the drive, and Bob’s yer uncle.

  • mpeterson

    Very slick! Thank you, sir.

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